Top 5 Rummy Cards Tricks to Remember

Are you trying to learn some rummy cards tricks that can make you an expert in rummy? Do you want to know the strategies and tricks that rummy pros follow?

5 Top Rummy Game Tricks to Remember:

  • Make Use of Quick Calculations: Winning rummy online or offline can be easy if you apply some basic mathematical concepts. If you use mathematics smartly, you can almost control the luck factor. Using mathematics helps you in effective execution of your plans, thus letting you calculate the winning odds and enjoy a better command over your game.

When your 13 cards are dealt, there can be innumerable possibilities of which are the cards that remain in the closed pile. However, a smart player can make some basic calculations regarding the cards remaining in the closed pile.

Example: If you are playing a 13 card rummy game opposite a single player, it is a simple calculation that 26 cards, in total, have got distributed among you and your opponent, and 1 card has been kept upside down. This means that from the pile of 53 cards (that include the Printed Joker), the remaining 26 cards are present in the closed pile at the start of the game.

So, if you have got 2 Kings, you can easily deduce that your opponent cannot have more than 2 Kings. The probability of him also having 2 Kings being quite low, you can make a calculated assumption that the remaining 2 Kings are in the closed pile.

  • Be Smart with High-Value Cards: Although the basic rummy rules teach you to discard the high-value cards that you do not need, sometimes it might be wise to hold them. If you find your opponent picking cards such as 9 of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds from the open deck, it should become clear to you that they are trying to create a meld in that series.

In such cases, you must refrain from discarding cards like 10 of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, 8 of Diamonds, even if you might not need them directly and even though they are high-value. If you discard these cards, they will pick these instantly and form pure or impure sequences, thus proceeding to win the game.  Try to discard high-value cards from other suits to keep lesser points in your hand.

  • Discard Cards Related to the Joker: Wild card joker and printed jokers are chosen randomly from a closed pile. It is most likely that a player will not form a set or sequence with the actual value of a wild card joker in cards game, until and unless he is trying to build the last set or sequence. Thus, it is generally wise to drop cards adjacent to a joker, in the initial rounds.

  • Reverse the Discard Trick: In order to be a smart rummy player, you might need to bluff now and then. Instead of discarding the high-value cards at the start of an Indian Rummy game, you can begin by dropping the low-value cards like 3 of Clubs, 2 of Diamonds, etc. This trick is sure to make your opponent think that you are just discarding the unnecessary cards as you are getting ready to show your valid sets and sequences. This might make the opponent fold their hand.

  • Pick Cards from Open Deck: If you pick cards from the open pile frequently, your opponent gets a wrong idea about the cards you hold. This might lead them to fold their hand.

Do a rummy game free download, play several hands at the same table, and practice the above-mentioned card tricks online.